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Birthday Gift

April 16, 2010

So it was my birthday last week. No big party, no fancy dinner; just a low key celebration at home. I was in no mood for my usual upbeat birthday plans this year. I managed to convince myself that my 2010 birthday would be a simple one. But still, I did hope that Mr. Geek would do something to make me feel special that one day of the year. And when no cake or flowers showed up when it struck 12, I went to bed a little sad. My geek had probably decided to go low key but come on I wished he’d at least wish me right at 12. Half an hour later, I get a birthday wish that I wasn’t too excited about and which reminded me that it was going to be just another regular day.

E-Birthday Cake

In the morning, I got ready for work, bid my sleeping geek goodbye, and was about to head out of the door when I saw it. Our big fat improvised digital frame (Mr. Geek turned our broken laptop into a digital frame)  had this cute picture of a cake and a lovely birthday message and was that a faint birthday tune that I heard? Oh yeah, a surprise early morning e-cake. I closed my eyes, made a wish and tried blowing out the candles and for a moment I thought it did. Mr. Geek later explained, he did try for an interactive cake but things got out of hand at the last minute. maybe next year? 🙂

Later in the evening I devoured a chocalate molten cake plus a strawberry cheesecake but I still think Mr. Geek’s e-cake was the best! Am I having a geek moment here?

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